The original 1940'S Bezelmeter 950-960 was designed for pilots. All aviation experts knew the Bezelmeter was essentially a cockpit instrument for the wrist. Two features incorporated in the design give clear evidence of this intent. The bezel on the case is an independent chapter ring graduated in counter clockwise hours. Rotating the ring to align the mission duration hours with the hour hand on the dial at takeoff gives the pilot a quick reference of the flight time remaining during any point in the mission.

Never seen on any aviation timer, Jardur engineers decided to design and place on the dial a red Degreemeter scale. This scale is represented by the spiral division marked in degrees. For timing aviation turns this scale is very valuable and is calculated on the standard rate turn of 180 degrees in two minutes. The scale is plainly marked up to 180 degrees for a 15 degree turn every five seconds covering the complete revolution of the sweep hand in one minute. The 30 minute register has first two minutes marked in red which enables the Pilot to tell immediately when the sweep second hand has made two complete revolutions and the 360 degree turn has been completed. In order to accomplish these standard rate turns, a certain needle deflection is maintained on the turn and bank indicator, which is for the length of time required to make the turn through the number of degrees desired. 

1940's Bezelmeter


  9 precision timepieces in one unit… “. A list is provided to the left of the brochure and indicates: 1.Wristwatch 2. Time-out Watch 3. Stop Watch 4. Tachometer 5. 12 Hour Register 6. 30 Minute Register 7. 60 Second Timer 8. Degreemeter 9. Bezelmeter



 This robust timepiece, reminiscent of the 1941 Jardur 960 Bezelmeter, has met the requirements of today’s contemporary aviators and aircrews. The new Degreemeter incorporates all of today’s advancements in materials, manufacturing methods, and design features which comprise state of the art Swiss Watchmaking. The Degreemeter is sure to delight any watch aficionado or pilot.