Escadrille is "Squardron" in French.  These are the notable veterans that wore the vintage Jardur Aviation Chronograph.

  • Brigadier General James "Jimmy" Doolittle, AAF
  • Technial Sergeant William E. Murray, 5th AAF
  • LT. Colonel George Kemper, AAF 
  • Pilot George Pomeroy 
  • Major General Frank Ross McCoy  
  • LT. Col. Frank Murray (A12 Pilot, CIA, Skunkworks)
  • Julian Russo 
  • Donald Schneck 
  • LT Col. Howard Beir, (OSS)
  • LT.  Loy F. Peterson, B17 pilot 
  • Jack Fahy, Air Traffic Controller 
  • General Carl Spaatz, First Chief of Staff of the US Airforce 
  • Captain Dick Merrill 
  • Admiral Harold Sallada 
  • Captain Harry Ashe
  • Admiral Arthur Radford 
  • Pilot and Trainer, Ruth Gouthey